In just a few short weeks I’ve progressed to being an “advanced beginner” and making strides every session thanks to my trainer, Yaira. Her patience, thoughtful instruction, and coaching style have made exercise a pleasant experience. This is a recipe for a successful path to fitness.

Shelley November 11, 2015


What exactly is the “core”?

When the muscles in the hip, shoulder girdle, and trunk work together, they form a functional unit of the body called the core. Additionally, each joint complex has deep, core muscles that stabilize us during movement. Activating and organizing these muscles properly can help to improve posture, restore function, and eliminate pain. Improving core stability allows us to move with greater efficiency, which protects our joints and provides the balance for healthy movement patterns.

Do I have to be really in-shape to do Pilates?

No. Pilates is appropriate for all levels of learning. Under the guidance of a skilled instructor, Pilates can increase strength and flexibility for any open-minded, willing participant. Our clients range from competitive athletes to people who are just wanting to get back in touch with their inner athlete.

Is Pilates safe for me if I have an injury?

Yes. Pilates is ideal for rehabilitating an injury. It can be very gentle and low-impact, as there are many options for reduced weight-bearing while still strengthening and improving mobility, utilizing the equipment. Stable Core Pilates was founded by a Physical Therapist with the belief that the Pilates method allows for therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-training, and core stabilization through graceful, integrative, full-body exercises. Every trainer at this studio has experience working with clients with injuries.

What is the difference between taking a one-on-one, private session, and taking a small group class?

In a private session, the instructor is able to tailor the session to your individual needs. Some clients prefer this arrangement, and find the higher fee worth it, for this reason. If you have an injury, and are unsure if Pilates is right for you, a private session can be a great place to try it out, ask questions about your injury, and have the instructor give you the attention and pacing that you need. Sometimes, clients feel independent enough to start out in class, while others feel more comfortable transitioning to class after some initial private sessions.

How long are sessions and classes?

To allow for transitioning between clients, private sessions and classes are each 55 minutes long.

Why do I need to reserve a spot for class?

Class size is limited to 5 students, allowing the instructor to closely supervise and provide individual attention. Space is limited, so please contact us before coming to a class to make sure the class is not already full. Because many of the classes fill to capacity, pre-registering for the series is the most reliable way to insure your spot in class.

Why are the classes taught in a series?

Our instructors are able to teach more effectively with students who remain in a consistent group. The 5 students are essentially sharing a private session with the trainer, but we organize the group and split the cost for you. In this way, students receive some of the benefits of a private session, but at a fraction of the cost.

What if I miss one of my classes during the series?

When you sign up for the class series, you receive a discounted rate and a guaranteed spot in class, but in exchange you commit to all weekly classes of the series, and there are no refunds for missing a class.  Our clients who choose to take class regularly consider it worthwhile, despite needing to miss a class occasionally.

Can I make up a class?

With advance notice, students may request up to 2 make-up classes with their same instructor, space permitting, and within the same class series. Your instructor will only offer a make up class when arranged in advance. While it can often work out, space availability for this is not guaranteed.

If I sign up for the series, how many classes can I take per week?

The pricing for the series is based on 1 class per week, but many students choose to sign up for more than that. When you sign up for the series, you choose a class (specific day, time, and instructor) and come to that class weekly for the entire series. One class per week for the 8-week series is $200. Two classes per week is $400, and so on. In the summer, the 5-week series is $125.

Can I come to a single class?

Yes, as long as a class is not full, you can come to a single class as a Drop-In student for $28. Please contact us in advance to check for space availability. The introductory Sunday Fundamentals class is always offered as a single class.

Do I have to have Pilates experience to come to class?

If you are brand new to Pilates… welcome! But we require that you start with an introductory private session, which can be scheduled at your convenience, or the Fundamentals class, which is offered 1x/month (see class schedule). This will give you an introduction to Pilates form, technique, and the equipment.

Which Pilates equipment will I be using?

We have the entire array of Balanced Body Pilates equipment including: Reformer, Trapeze Table (“Cadillac”), Ladder Barrel, Combo Chair, and Baby Arc. We also have a wide selection of props including: foam rollers, ultra-fit circles, resistance bands, the Pilates Arc, and stability balls.

For classes, we use the Springboard, which gives many of the options of the Trapeze Table including: Arm springs, Leg springs, and the Roll Down bar. The props listed above, as well as mat exercises are also incorporated into classes.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that will enable you to exercise and move freely. It is particularly helpful for your instructor if your clothing is somewhat form-fitting, which allows us to see your alignment and your muscle engagement more clearly. But the most important thing is for you to be comfortable.

What is your cancellation policy?

For private sessions and single drop-in class reservations, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you are not able to give 24-hour advance notice to cancel or reschedule, you will be charged for your full session or class. Thank you for understanding our small business policy.