After at least 5 years of pain, it has gone away with Pilates classes. Everything is so much looser, except for my abs – which are so much stronger!

Barbara November 11, 2015


Valerie Loo

Licensed Physical Therapist, MPT
Certified Pilates Instructor

Valerie LooValerie Loo, founder of Stable Core Pilates, has been working with individuals as a Physical Therapist since 2001. She has a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and post-professional training in orthopedic manual therapy from the Kaiser Hayward Fellowship program. She became a profound believer in Pilates because it helped her to commit to rehabilitating her own chronic spinal injuries resulting from a childhood of competitive gymnastics. The spring-loaded Pilates equipment helped her to re-discover the feeling of muscular balance in movement. This new-found body awareness has expanded her world from not being able to sit through a meal at a restaurant, to being able to sit for a week-long meditation retreat. She understands the frustration of feeling limited by recurring pain, and has experienced personally that re-training your body’s movement patterns can make a huge, lasting difference in your quality of life.

Inspired to share this with others, Valerie earned her Pilates certification through the Balanced Body University Instructor Training program. And now, with a well-trained eye, skilled hands, and the Pilates repertoire, Valerie is able to combine physical therapy with Pilates, integrating her clinical expertise of the musculoskeletal system into her Pilates teaching.

Valerie’s priority is to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment for clients. In her training sessions, she uses verbal, visual, and tactile cues to improve neuromuscular control, and incorporates manual therapy techniques to restore healthy movement. Her goal is to help her clients achieve improved alignment, core strength, and efficiency in movement, whether in athletics or in everyday life.

Outside of the studio, Valerie loves being active and enjoys running, biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and dancing. Her daughter, Jessica, is her greatest teacher.

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Yaira Carpenter

Certified Pilates Instructor

Yaira CarpenterOriginally from Toronto, Canada and the daughter of professional dancers, Yaira grew up immersed in the culture of movement and dance. Her movement experience consists of dance, yoga, competitive and synchronized swimming, aerobics and strength training. Yaira discovered Pilates in 2001 and fell in love with the method and all of its physical and mental benefits. She immediately noticed improvement in her breathing, posture, balance and core strength after committing to a consistent Pilates practice.

After completing her B.A. at UC Berkeley, Yaira decided to pursue a career in Pilates and completed full apparatus certifications with Ellie Herman and Balanced Body University. She continued her education with intensive workshops: Anatomy in Clay with Dallas Everleth and Naomi Leiserson, Pilates for Osteoporosis with Sherri Betz, PT, Movement Medicine Techniques for Rehabilitation with Nora St. John, Pilates for injuries with Lizz Roman, Pre/Postnatal Pilates with Stephanie Forster, and workshops with Elizabeth Larkam, Madeline Black and Karen Clippinger.

Yaira has been teaching Pilates since 2007, and believes it to be a complete system that strengthens, lengthens and aligns the body from the inside out. Yaira enjoys working with all kinds of people and provides support to each individual’s personal health and fitness goals.

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