After at least 5 years of pain, it has gone away with Pilates classes. Everything is so much looser, except for my abs – which are so much stronger!

Barbara November 11, 2015


I’ve never stuck with an exercise program before, and this is now going on 3 years… Thanks so much to you and your teachers for getting me strong!

Valerie is a knowledgeable, creative, and gifted teacher of movement. Her physical therapy training gives her a solid foundation in really understanding the human body. With this expertise, she offers a unique approach to helping others find health and wholeness through Pilates.
I’ve been to numerous physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors, but Valerie has been the only one who has been able to help me work through my limitations. Within the first few sessions of working with her, I had relief from a shoulder that had been aching me for months. I am constantly amazed by her deep intuitive sense of the body. She has helped me to build a heightened awareness of my body by helping me to develop a sense of where I’m pushing too hard and where I need to hold back, or where I actually need to go to wake up the right muscles (usually deep in my core), that I never even knew could burn and shake!

Stable Core Pilates has helped me with my hip and back problems. The teachers are super patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Anyone who wants to alleviate pain or add a whole body workout to their life should stop by. I love the fact that there are only 4 other students in the class besides myself.

Valerie is an incredible instructor who always provides a ton of wisdom and encouragement. I began seeing her because of joint pain and a desire to become stronger. I can now do things that I never thought possible–I seriously feel like a different person than when I first saw her! I have had many other instructors in the past, but it’s Valerie who has had the biggest impact on my training. Her combination of physical therapy and Pilates makes her an ideal instructor. And her studio is sunny and beautiful and the equipment is top of the line.

I’ve had classes with two different instructors, each of whom has been fantastic. After almost a year of intermittent sciatica, I’ve avoided return trips to the chiropractor.

My doctor recommended that I try Pilates for chronic back pain. Although I have been an active exerciser my entire life, I had never tried full-on Pilates as I thought it was too expensive. But the pain had gotten to the point where it was even hard to walk. I figured being able to walk might be worth some money and indeed it was. Valerie’s gentle, attentive focus on bringing the body into balance, and her x-ray vision for seeing minute muscle strains, no doubt supported by the fact that she is a physical therapist, has been a godsend.

Practicing Pilates regularly at Stable Core has changed my body and changed the way I think.
Very quickly, I became stronger, more coordinated, and increasingly hopeful that I can become even healthier. I’ve finally found an exercise system that works for me.

In just a few short weeks I’ve progressed to being an “advanced beginner” and making strides every session thanks to my trainer, Yaira. Her patience, thoughtful instruction, and coaching style have made exercise a pleasant experience. This is a recipe for a successful path to fitness.

After at least 5 years of pain, it has gone away with Pilates classes. Everything is so much looser, except for my abs – which are so much stronger!

Over the years I’ve accumulated a variety of aches and pains, mostly the result of an overly sedentary lifestyle: a stiff neck, impinged rotator cuff, back pains, a touch of sciatica. Pilates exercises have been a great help in combating these problems and in improving my overall strength and posture. Valerie has been able to really tailor the exercises to my own specific needs. Unlike other trainers I have worked with in the past, she knows how to make the exercises challenging while staying within safe limits and actually addressing my issues. And her cheerful encouragement helps to keep me motivated!